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re: Code of the Sword

Code of the Sword:

Swords of Light is a casual/mature/family friendly kinship that is based upon Biblical values and principles. It is made up of friends that love to play MMOs together. We are not a Christian kinship. Our goal is to bring Christians and Non-Christians together within the gaming community. We do not require members to share our faith or beliefs, but we do ask that a member respect our values. We are not a Raid/PvP kin or a Roleplaying kin; however, some of our members do enjoy those aspects of the game and have the freedom to do so on their own. We do not require our members to participate in any of these aspects. For those who do enjoy the PvP part of the game, we have a Creep Tribe called Swords of Darkness that is Kin Only. Since Swords of Light has a long history, some of us have played as Swords of Light in many games and some have not. Many of our members enjoy the no stress environment we have and try to create. We do prefer to do voice interview for all folks that wish to become a Swords either by in game or other voice system if they are comfortable with that and have the capability to do so.

To achieve our goals:

1.We do not tell a member how to play/build their character. We feel the freedom is yours on how you enjoy the game. Each member's character should reflect what they are comfortable playing, their play style, and their personality. We also do not tell you what and how to craft.

2.You have the freedom to play the game how you like. Please remember that as a Sword you are part of a team/family.

3.We enforce a No Drama policy.

Role playing:

1.We are not a strict RP kin, but we do not look down our noses at it.

2.We encourage it if you like to RP, but please just remember our chat policies. (See below) Please do not pressure members to participate in anything they do not feel comfortable in doing which may include role playing, PvP, or grouping.


1.We group with our kin mates or alliance kin mates if we can. Swords help Swords as much as possible.

2.We understand that if no kin mate is on we may and can choose to group with others. As a kin, we do not expect you to drop the group you are in and come rushing to a kin mate that has logged on. You may choose to do so if the group you are in is bad but please do so in a respectful manner. Grouping with Swords should be a priority as we are a team/family especially if a Sword needs help or they are running an instance and you are available and not otherwise engaged in an activity (ex: crafting, soloing, etc.); however, if a kin mate is not on or in certain other circumstances we can and will group with others outside of kin. If you are in a group outside of kin, remember to represent yourself well as a Sword and to still follow the code being a good example of who we are to others.

3.Officers will help those that need help and will do so willingly.

4.Swords do not have to group with each other if they prefer to solo/single play.

5.You do not have to group with folks that make you feel uncomfortable. We understand that not all folks may like each other.


1.Kidding around, having fun and such is part of the makeup of the kin. Please be mindful and know that sometimes lines can be crossed (you know who you are).

2.If a kin mate states/requests/tells you or the kin that they do not like or deem offensive what is being said, then please be considerate and tone it down.

3.We are a mixed kin of all ages/backgrounds. All we ask is for everyone to please be mature minded and to be considerate, respectful, and courteous to our friends/kin mates. Remember first and foremost that we are a team and a family. Also be considerate, respectful, and courteous to those you have grouped with outside of kin.

4.We do not allow multi-kinning. We are an all or nothing kin. Once you have been granted full membership into the kin, your main character and your alts must join Swords of Light. Any alt that you choose not to bring into Swords of Light must remain kinless. (Officers see Officer Code on multi-kinning.)

5.No Drama, we have zero tolerance for this.

6.When using Voice chat/Kin chat/Group chat/Public game chat, please uphold the honor of your kin. (See below for chat code)

7.Swords will not make a profit off of other Swords, or take items to sell for profit to others (unless allowed by the individuals). No selling on Kinship AH with a marked up price. If an item needs to be sold to a member, sell it to them at the price of posting in AH, realizing that the auction house prices may also have a considerable and unreasonable mark up. Remember to always be fair and considerate to your kin mates. We believe in the idea of paying it forward. Please be generous to your kin mates. Taking advantage of a kin mate is frowned upon and will not be tolerated. If you craft an item for a member, do not charge them for the item. It is acceptable, however, to ask them to provide the materials for the item, especially upper end items.

Keep in contact:

1.Kin chat, Forums, email, game mail, and voice are some of the ways to keep in contact with your kin mates and to be kept informed of what is going on within the kin. Please use them. In order to contact the kin leader outside of game the Swords of Light email address is
We also have a closed Face Book Group page for those who are comfortable using that for kinship updates as well. Please apply to that page with characters name after full membership is accepted if comfortable with that medium. We are respectful of all members and their privacy.

2.A nice “Hail Swords” or even a simple hello will get others to see you are on and let you know what may be happening.

Age requirement:

1.A Sword must meet the minimum age requirement of 20.

2.Children of kin members or younger relations of kin members are allowed in Swords of Light, but said kin member is responsible for them and their conduct. Children of kin members or younger relations of kin members will be held to the same code of conduct while understanding that they are still children. Kin mates are responsible for making sure that their children/relation know the code, understand it, and follow it. The goal is to provide a safe place and family friendly environment for our children to play while maintaining a casual and mature environment for our members.

3.Only the kin leader may accept anyone that is under the age limit and may set other conditions upon them for membership, such as a longer probationary period.

Voice/Game chat:

1.When using Voice chat, conversations must be kept to a PG-13 rating. Slips may happen, but it is important to remember that we have children of members listening. Constant "slip ups" in voice chat will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal from kin.

2.Kinship/Group/Public Chat is G rated. Think of the G rating as what would be found in a 1950's Disney movie. Remember honor your kin. If you had to take the time to type it and write it , then you really meant to say it. This is not a slip and will not be tolerated and will be grounds from dismissal from kin.

3.Not everyone has to voice, but after becoming a member please turn it on so you can listen. Being able to listen is crucial. Responses can be typed if you choose not to voice or do not have the ability. Listening makes giving directions and strats in an instance easier. It also makes it easier to participate in conversations and to be social. It allows for kin mates to get to know each other better and for friendships to be made.


1.Try not to rush through (zerg) instances unless the party agrees to it.

2.Help each other out. Helping each other should be a priority for Swords. Remember, we do not make profit off of kin members.

3.Learn to be a team and to take in the surroundings. Party orders while not strict are up to the leader of the party on how they choose to run the group, so please listen to the leader. We do try to teach grouping strategies.

Probation Period:

1.You must register on the forums with your Character and fill out our application. Again, a voice interview is also preferred at the time of recruitment if the recruit is comfortable with that and they have the ability to do so.

2.When you become a Novice/Recruit Sword, there is a two week probation period. For recruits who are accepted that are under age, at the leader's discretion, that period of time may be longer. If a recruit does not log in during their two week probation period or the time that is set for probation under leader's discretion for under age recruits, they will be removed from the membership roster.

3.Let us get to know you, and you to know us. That is the only real requirement during probation.

4.At the end of the Probation, an officer will promote you to a full member or not. At the end of the probationary period you can accept full membership or resign from the kin. We understand that not everyone may be the perfect fit. No matter the decision that is made there should be no hard feelings on any party's side. A member may resign from the kin at any time, but please be courteous to let an officer know that you are choosing to do so. If a member has not logged in for 120 consecutive days, they will be removed from the membership roster unless special circumstances have been communicated to the leadership and are known in advance. Officers see Officer Code on log in requirements. Any Sword who leaves the kinship on good terms (example: inactivity, real life circumstances, etc.), may be reinstated to full membership. Once a Sword always a Sword. Communication is vital. Real life should also take priority over the game.

5.After your promotion to full member with the kin you will receive the title of Shield Brother/Sister. Loyalty, Honour, and Trust amongst Swords......

Last point... HAVE FUN!!!!!. See you in game. Happy Adventuring.
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