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re: Officer Code


Officers Code

Swords of Light Officers as do all SoL members fall under Code of the Sword.

Members can become officers as slots open up in the core. The Kin Leader will have and be the final say on who is an officer and who is not while taking in information and input from the officer core. Officers positions are opened or revoked at the sole discretion of the kin leader depending on the needs of the kinship.

Officers show leadership through their actions, grouping, and helping fellow Swords. They are examples of loyalty, honour, and trust amongst Swords.

In LotRO, it is preferred that a person seeking to become an officer be VIP/Subbed, but a Premium may be considered depending on circumstances.

1. Officers are Kin helpers.

2. As with members, they will vote on purposes proposed by the Kin Leader with the Kin Leader having final say after considering all input from the vote.

3. Officers may be assigned jobs by the Kin Leader (i.e. Crafting, groupings, etc.).

4. Officers are the go between the SoL body (members) and Kin Leader.

5. Officers are not out for their own gain, but they are for the gain of SoL as a Kin.

6. Officers up hold the Code before ego.

7. Officers do not make policy, but they will enforce it. Officers will have voice chat meetings and express their minds and concerns without fear of reprisals.

Officers may be asked to place a toon in one of the Swords of Light mule kinships. This will enable us to own and operate other kin houses for multiple storage purposes. This is the only instance of dual/multiple kinning aloud amongst Swords since they are Sword operated kinships with only officer toon membership in them while all members main toons will have access to the chests. These kinships, while primarily place holders only for storage, are still in their very essence Swords of Light and are still under our code.

If a person is made an officer as a courtesy to a kinship merger, this position shall be in effect for 1 year. After that year, they shall be demoted to regular member or kept as an officer depending upon the needs of the kinship. This will be the sole discretion of the kinship leadership.

If an officer does not log on for 30 consecutive days, they will be demoted to regular member and if deemed necessary a new officer shall be appointed to take their slot. If they have not logged in 90 days after their demotion to regular member, they will be removed from the membership roster. However, if they have left Swords of Light with good standing, they as any regular member may return and be placed back on the membership roster realizing that they will not be given back officer status. Once a Sword always a Sword. Loyalty, honour, and trust amongst Swords.... Have Fun!!!! See you in game!


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